Jimmy St. Louis


Jimmy St Louis is an entrepreneur, competitive athlete and businessman, focused on innovating and changing health and technology industries.

He is currently an operating partner of Ayon Capital, Franchise Accelerators, and the founder of Franchise123.

Jimmy is currently focused on innovating and advancing the industry of franchising through a combination of technological advancements, as well as new operational and team efficiencies. As the founder of Franchise123, his focus is on creating simple and open market connections between franchise buyers and sellers, in order to advance and improve the success of franchisees and franchisors.

Formerly, Jimmy was the founder and CEO of Regenerative Medicine Solutions, a leading medical company with a focus on cellular therapy and a mission to treat the untreatable. Under RMS, Jimmy founded the Lung Health Institute and the Cognitive Health Institute, leading them both to success before recently merging with a publicly held company. Jimmy also previously served as the CEO of VIP Care Dental as well as TLC Rx.

Jimmy’s business career includes five years as COO and a managing partner of the Laser Spine Institute, an organization that grew from 9 employees to over 1,000, and had an annual revenue of over $200 million per year. Following LSI, Jimmy and his partners started Advanced Healthcare Partners, a health care management and consulting agency for specialized medical services and technologies.

From Advanced Healthcare Partners, Jimmy followed his passion for advancements in medicine and started Regenerative Medicine Solutions. RMS currently has two brands: The Lung Institute, now the world leader in cellular therapy for chronic lung disease, and the Cognitive Health Institute which focused on a comprehensive alternative for treating brain-related disorders.

In addition to his business endeavors, Jimmy played football professionally for the NFL’s Tennessee Titans as a tight end, was a multi-sport athlete at Auburn University, and most recently was a member of the 2016 United States Rowing Team. His accomplishments include four national medals in the men’s doubles, men’s quad, men’s pair, and men’s 4 as well as a third-place finish in the 2016 Olympic trials.

As an early adopter of new procedures, medical treatments, and overall health, Jimmy is a lifelong advocate of a life dedicated to wellness.