Emily Hagen

Content Writer

Emily graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Biology. After graduating, she entered the health care field, initially working in physical therapy and assisting with patient care, clinic operations, and blogging for the clinic’s website. Emily went on to pursue her Medical Technologist license with a specialty in blood banking. She worked in a level two trauma hospital blood bank for over three years, performing blood compatibility testing for patients in need of transfusions. 

After working in health care for nearly five years, Emily decided to return to school for her true passion: writing. She launched her own business as a freelance writer and, shortly afterward, was given the opportunity to join the Franchise Accelerators team as a Content Writer. 

Emily has worn many hats both as a freelancer and with Franchise Accelerators, including writer, editor, and novice graphic designer. She enjoys learning about the franchise world and helping spread the word about brands we can all get behind.

Outside of Franchise Accelerators, Emily is the mother of two fur babies and a proud aunt. She enjoys being outdoors, reading, watching movies, playing board games, and staying active. She is part of a local bowling league and is an adventure seeker, visiting theme parks and traveling whenever she can.