We’d like to spotlight Tasha McRae, Director of Talent and Culture for LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic. This international brand got its start in Canada and has just begun opening franchise locations in the U.S. as SPRINGWELL Exercise Clinic. Focusing on medical fitness, LIVE WELL/SPRINGWELL makes exercise and healthy living more accessible and more sustainable by focusing on healthy habit formation. It is a life-changing and revolutionary concept that has helped people reach their full potential and live better, more wholesome lives. 

An Industry Leader

With over 15 years of clinical exercise experience under her belt, Tasha is no doubt an expert in her field. Tasha and Sara Hodson, founder and CEO of LIVE WELL and SPRINGWELL Exercise Clinics, together developed the SPARKS METHODTM. This is a revolutionary method for developing and retaining healthy habits for life. The program is proven to be very effective in alleviating and preventing chronic disease and other health concerns. 

Sara and Tasha have even teamed up to write a book on this very method, scheduled to be released in 2020. They are excited to bring the benefits of the SPARKS METHODTM to more households across North America.

Tasha training new employees at our SPRINGWELL, Ann Arbor location.

Creating a Strong Company Culture

Keeping up the strong organizational culture and core values is challenging as the franchise continues to grow. Tasha is a key component to keeping each and every clinic true to its mission; she is closely involved in the training of new franchisees and their employees. Her commitment to creating a safe and friendly atmosphere has played an integral role in creating the unique culture of LIVE WELL and SPRINGWELL.

Tasha’s primary focus is on providing the best experience for our clinic members so they can feel supported and achieve their goals. This cannot be done without proper talent management. Team building, keeping employees engaged, and hiring team members that are a strong cultural fit for the company are all a part of keeping the company culture alive and thriving. 

Tasha’s passion and determination reflect the very core of the brand’s spirit. The compassion of our team members creates a positive experience for employees and members alike, and our leadership team is unlike any other. Being a part of a brand that changes lives is a reward in itself, and that is what motivates the LIVE WELL and SPRINGWELL team every day.

A Letter from Tasha:

“As a trained clinical exercise physiologist, I have seen first hand the power of exercise to change lives. Exercise creates confidence in people that slowly affects all areas of their lives. They become stronger in body, mind, and spirit. This is why I am so passionate and proud of the work we do. We not only help people build healthier bodies but also help them live purpose-driven lives. Health is truly our greatest wealth.

Throughout my career, I have been fascinated with behavior change. After all, if people don’t engage in exercise and make healthier choices, they will never realize the benefits. Since day one, Sara and I have made behavior change a cornerstone of the brand, knowing that helping members master lifelong healthy habits would be key to the business’s success. 

This led us to the creation of the SPARKS METHOD, a step by step method that helps our members create healthy lifestyle changes that don’t fizzle out. I believe in this method and I use it in my own life to help me build and maintain healthy habits. 

As Director of Talent and Culture, what excites me most is sharing our unique culture with our franchisees, staff, and members. Providing our staff with meaningful work in the field of kinesiology and hearing how their work is positively impacting the lives of their members provides me a great sense of pride. I believe we are at the forefront of a movement in health care where prevention and lifestyle become a cornerstone therapy and I am thrilled to help SPRINGWELL and LIVE WELL lead the way.”

Tasha McRae

Interested in learning more about the SPRINGWELL/LIVE WELL culture? Read more about becoming a franchisee and find out if this brand is a good fit for you.

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