At LIVE WELL, we believe exercise is medicine.

The LIVE WELL franchise offers the opportunity to enter the $30 billion fitness industry with a unique selling point and competitive advantage. LIVE WELL combines fitness and health care into an innovative concept that fills a large gap in the current health care environment. It delivers a powerful solution to the 133 million people living with chronic disease in the U.S.

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic is a behavior change company, disguised as a gym, helping people build healthy habits for life. 

As a specialized medical fitness franchise, we help individuals adopt a healthy lifestyle in a welcoming and clinically supervised environment. We offer lifestyle coaching for people with chronic health conditions and those who simply want to adopt healthier habits.

We take pride in our ability to monitor health vitals while providing an individualized exercise program for our members. 

All programs offered by LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic are designed by highly-trained specialists. Our mission is to expand the LIVE WELL philosophy and better the lives of our members by teaching lifelong healthy habits.

LIVE WELL’s unique combination of fitness and health care is a chance to disrupt these industries as we know them. 

We are changing the way people feel about exercising. 

As an alternative to traditional gyms, LIVE WELL’s revolutionary model is helping people reclaim their lives. Our exclusive SPARKS METHODTM keeps members goal-oriented and motivated to keep coming back.

We Know What Works!

Fitness and health care are constantly growing. With LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic, you get a chance to be at the forefront of that growth. After all, these are some of the few industries that continue to grow even when the economy slumps. 

Our SPARKS program is proven effective in preventing and treating chronic health issues. 70% of adults in the USA and Canada are obese or overweight, and 60% suffer from chronic disease. 

LIVE WELL clinics provide a health-centered exercise experience, unlike that of big-box gyms and boutique fitness centers.

With current trends, medical exercise clinics are only set to increase in popularity. Because we focus on sustainable lifestyle and behavior changes, we have an 80% member retention rate. 

Exercise as Medicine

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic is on the cutting edge of health care and fitness. We know that exercise is medicine and we’ve found a way to produce meaningful, life-changing results.

Scientific evidence continues to support the numerous medical benefits of exercise. Paired with a healthy diet, exercise can combat and prevent many types of chronic disease. 

At LIVE WELL, we want to help our members achieve their optimal health. We do this by making exercise fun, social, and effective. 

We also take a holistic approach to health by offering nutrition counseling, lifestyle coaching, habit formation, and monitoring of vitals. Throughout the process, we always maintain communication with our members’ physicians.

A Successful Business Model

Our business model produces real results for our franchisees. Some of the benefits you will experience are:

  • Recurring and predictable revenue
  • High conversion rates
  • 80% membership retention
  • Few variable costs
  • Non-retail/reduced overhead costs
  • Small footprint
  • Few employees required
  • Scalable business model
  • Scalable customer acquisition and retention system

There is so much room for growth in the industry of medical fitness. The need for chronic disease prevention will only continue to grow. Exercise offers a sustainable, effective solution to this global problem.

This industry of ‘exercise as medicine,’ or medical fitness, is an industry that’s just at the very beginning stages. It’s so crystal clear to me that if you go out ten years from today, people will say, and the health care system will say, ‘well, of course, to deal with chronic disease, you have to have exercise, and you have to have healthy living and habit formation.’ It will become so obvious in ten years.

John DeHart, Co-founder of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic

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